Restoration Christian Fellowship was called to be founded by God through Pastor Arthor L. Faber in 2015. That year, Brother Art was called by God to initiate a weekly prayer meeting in his retail store. Though reluctant, Art eventually obeyed and in the first several week, many individuals were interested and attended. However, in a teaching moment, God disallowed people to attend beginning at the meeting’s 8th – 11th weeks, which initially discouraged Art. The disappointment was so deep that He aimed to call it quits. As he attempted to shut down prior to the designated constitutional time of 9pm, Art was unable to unlock and open the door to depart. After several attempts, Art knew it was not a coincidence, but that God locked him in to show him that it was not a meeting surrounded in him, but instead, the reason for meeting, even if no one attended was to meet with God. After failing to leave, Art sat down, deciding to be obedient to God, opening his Bible and he began to study alone. This went on for 4 weeks. The following week, as Art gained an understanding of what God called for, the Lord began to send people to join him again. Some of these people remained committed to the study for more than a year. After such time, God called for the formation of a small church, originally named THE REG4L ROOM. Reg4l, standing for RESTORING ETERNAL GOD FOR LIVES, opened its doors in 2017 as church and welcomed a dozen of friends to worship, exalt, and celebrate the greatness of God. Since then, the church has grown, moved to different locations, and shared with hundreds the love of Jesus through inspirational Biblical teaching. On Art’s heart and the congregation of the later cemented non-denominational Restoration Christian Fellowship, God placed a directive to continue to obey the Great Commission, making it our life’s agenda to awaken our community and allow them to see God’s presence in our lives through the movement the Lord has blessed us to experience.